At home, families sit in silence at the dinner table. We text (and shop and tweet) during class and while on dates. At work, executives email during meetings. We’re connected more than ever; not necessarily to one another, but to our keyboards and touch screens. We seek and find ways around real, face-to-face-conversation. We lack empathy and don’t know how to be alone – or truly together.

Sherry Turkle believes our increased reliance on digital technology has brought us out of balance with what we need as people: rich, robust and trusting relationships. In the workplace, technology is too often part of a flight from face-to-face conversation. Yet, it is through conversation that the relationships and ideas that underlie successful enterprises are born and thrive.

It’s up to you – as leaders, managers, parents, peers, politicians – to reclaim conversation and make it the norm again. Sherry can help.

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