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Praise for Sherry’s Speaking

“Your carefully crafted remarks about reclaiming conversation were very well received and helped make the Institute a huge success. Many, many presidents commented on how much they appreciated your presentation.”

“Sherry was great! A perfect way to kick off our conference”

“I thought Sherry’s approach worked perfectly.  Just the right balance between providing information and leading a conversation.  I got very positive feedback following the session.”

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Sherry is a dynamic, eloquent and passionate speaker and teacher. From the classroom to the boardroom, and from the big stage to more intimate platforms, she delivers insightful and rousing keynotes, probing and practical seminars, and immersive and transformative workshop experiences.

Sherry designs and delivers unique lectures and executive education programs based on her research. Her talks are personalized to fit within your specific agenda and needs; however, her most commonly requested themes include:

Reclaiming Conversation: The Power of Talk in a Digital Age: A generation has grown up feeling that “It would rather text than talk.” And believing that it is possible to share our attention during almost everything we do. What are the costs of a “flight from conversation” in personal life, among one’s family and friends? What are the costs in the work world? And most important, what can we do about it?

Are You A Conversational Organization?: One of the realities of corporate life is that office technology leads us to make a Faustian bargain with everyday office technology: What we gain from “always on” efficiency and responsiveness because of our digital devices is compromised by what we lose because of the isolation, disengagement and distraction that comes with digital life. In this talk, Turkle makes an impassioned case for pivoting back to conversation-based relationships. The ultimate aim is to become a conversational organization that values empathy, authenticity and engagement.

Sherry is exclusively represented by Stern Strategy Group for speaking activities. Click here to view her full profile or contact us to learn more about how Sherry can customize a presentation for your group.

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