Become a conversational organization

Our increased reliance on digital technology has brought us out of balance with what we need as people: rich, robust and trusting relationships. In the workplace, technology is too often part of a flight from face-to-face conversation. Yet, it is through conversation that the relationships and ideas that underlie successful enterprises are born and thrive.

Beyond traditional talks, lectures and workshops about why and what it takes to be a conversational organization, Sherry advises individuals and organizations on how to become one – through hands-on, immersive collaboration. A trusted advisor and master of implementation, she is an extension of your team. In short order, she identifies what’s most relevant to your business, diagnosing critical issues and opportunities that inform her prescriptive, unique-to-you solutions. Sherry’s research is in-depth; her recommendations are robust yet practical.

Sherry applies decades of proven research alongside her Reclaiming Conversation™ framework and tools to help you – and your leaders and their teams – change behavior. Her expert counsel pinpoints the policies, procedures and programs required to make change real and workable within your organization.

Reclaim conversation within your organization – and/or with your customers and the world at large. Talk to Sherry about how she can become part of your team and dial-in to what it will take to make change happen for your business. Or you can download the brochure to learn more about her advisory services.

Sherry is exclusively represented by Stern Strategy Group for advisory activities. Click here to view her full profile or contact us to learn more about how Sherry can customize an engagement for your group.

Praise for Sherry’s Work

“Thank you for today’s session. I had enough epiphanies to walk away feeling we were nearing ‘pay-dirt’.”

“We were extremely pleased with the study analysis discussion…so happy to hear that Sherry found it engaging. We’re thrilled that she is so excited by the study results.”

Download the Reclaiming Conversation Advisory Brochure
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